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    Rainbow Radio Integration and participation of migrants by radio

    Welcome to Rainbow Radio

    Rainbow Radio is an adult-learning programme trying to involve migrants in radio work by arranging workshops giving the basic know-how about radio broadcast and organizing sustainable independent intercultural radio-groups.

    You’ll find the webpage of the european leanring partnership here:

    5th Birthday of Radio Fadeco , Tanzania. Congratulation!

    5th Birthday of Radio Fadeco , Tanzania.

    Radio Fadeco, Tanzania

    Congratulation from the participants
    of the rainbow radio project-meeting
    in Aarhus, Denmark!


    Karagwe – 5th Birthday Of Radio Fadeco

    Regenbogen Radio – an intercultural radioproject in Hannover, Germany

    Regenborgen Radio in Hannover, Germany -

    one example for intercultural radio-projects

    see the video in